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The new school year begins on Wednesday,

31st August at 8.30 a.m.

 Our first Green Flag has been achieved!


              Golf Links Road, Youghal, Co. Cork, P36 HN47


Telephone: 024 - 91060  email:



   Welcome to the website


    South Abbey National School!


South Abbey National School is situated in the town of Youghal, Co. Cork. From 1886 until 2011 it was situated in the South Abbey area of the town, on the site of the first Franciscan monastery in Ireland in the early 13th century. In March 2011, the school moved to spacious new premises on the Golf Links Road. There its current enrolment of 116 pupils enjoys state-of-the-art facilities: large, sunny, modern and well-equipped classrooms, great IT resources (Interactive Whiteboards and student laptops), huge outdoor play areas (two school yards and the use of a grass area next door) and plenty of room for future development.


South Abbey National School had one teacher and nine pupils in 2000 and over the last sixteen years it has grown to its present size. The family-like atmosphere and attention given to each individual child which were fundamental characteristics of the small school still continue to be strong features of today's larger school. Weekly, whole-school assemblies each Friday celebrate the achievements of individual children and contribute to the sense of community. All parents are invited to the Friday assemblies at 8.45 a.m. Do come and be a regular part of the school community; we love to see you there!




The "Golden Rules"

form the basis of behaviour management for all the teachers.


We are gentle.

We are kind and helpful.

We listen.

We are honest.

We work hard.

We look after property.



Pupils are rewarded for good behaviour and learn that bad choices have negative consequences. On Friday of each week, some pupils are awarded a "Teacher's Special Award" sticker at assembly for keeping the Golden Rules and later in the day, the pupils enjoy "Golden Time" for half an hour and soon realise that obeying the Golden Rules is fun!



Staff 2016/2017

Sinéad Solleveld (Principal and Teacher of 5th and 6th Class)

Sinéad Griffin (Deputy Principal and Resource Teacher)

Emer Pedley (Mainstream Class Teacher, 1st and 2nd Class)

Patricia O'Keeffe (Learning Support Teacher, Shared)

Kara Eaton (Mainstream Class Teacher, 3rd and 4th Class)

Clara Morey (Resource Teacher)

Lisa Heffernan (Mainstream Class Teacher, Junior and Senior Infants)

Tom Hurley (Resource Teacher, Shared)

Mary Keohane (SNA)

Maureen Allen-Roche (SNA)

Caroline Cheasty (SNA, part-time)

Noreen Farquhar (Secretary: 8.30 to 12.30 daily)





School Hours:

School begins at 8.30 a.m.

The pedestrian gate is opened at 8.25 a.m.

and that is when school supervision starts.

School ends for the Infant classes at 1.10 p.m.

and at 2.10 p.m. for all other classes.




South Abbey National School is a school under Church of Ireland patronage which serves the whole community of Youghal, County Cork. The patron of the school is the Church of Ireland Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

Our school is a positive, encouraging environment for children of all backgrounds and abilities. We have an excellent culture of mutual respect, good manners and peer support.



Our Vision Statement: 

We welcome children with respect,

educate them with love and

send them forth in freedom.



Tolerance and inclusivity of those of other religious denominations and none are some of our most important principles. The school has children of all religions and none and from many countries around the world.



If you would like to visit us, please contact the school by phone, email or letter and we will arrange an appointment.


If you would like to put your child's name on the list of applicants, you can download the "Notification of Intention to Apply" form in the "Downloads" section and send it to us.


We look forward to hearing from you!